After selling Reddit to Conde Nast in 2006, Alexis Ohanian has now rejoined the company full-time — and he’s had a lot of time to reflect. Earlier this year, he candidly shared what he learned on his long stint away while advising a number of other startups. In particular, he focused on what he didn’t do that made all the difference to his career, and one of the big ones was not choosing mentors or role models that seemed at all opposed to risk. Ideally, you want to surround yourself with people who will push you past your appetite for risk if that’s what needs to happen. Choose mentors, investors, advisors, who have broad vantage points and long histories of watching companies rise and fall. You want folks who have seen enough to know they’ve seen too much, and who will talk you into pushing yourself as a result. Ohanian experienced this first and foremost with YC Co-founder Jessica Livingston, who suggested that he go on a fake press tour in New York when he was just 22 — or rather, try to generate a bunch of reporter conversations out of thin air. At first, he was intimidated and balked. But, having been through a lot herself, Livingston was able to put it in perspective and make it sound low-stakes. He went through with it — and if he hadn’t, he never would have made the connection that led to Reddit’s sale.

You may have heard it again and again that entrepreneurship is not a dish which everyone can enjoy. It carries its own taste which is a mixture of sweet and sour spices. The mixture of both spices in a balanced way is the key to become a successful entrepreneur. There are multiple stages that the journey of becoming an entrepreneur will show you. If after analyzing yourself, your aims and what you exactly want to do in your life makes you feel ready for the next big step in business then it is advisable for you to learn a few things before you enter in the world of entrepreneurship. More information can be seen on Entrepreneur resourses.

Do not wait until you launch your business to get customers or consumers, because they are the central element that determines the success or failure of your initiative. Make as much networking as possible! Gather contacts! Offer samples with your product / service! It’s never too early to start marketing for your business. The main motivation for writing your business plan before you start is to save time and money later during the business development. In addition, the business plan helps you to clarify your business concept and gives you a general map based on which you will invest in growing your business. There is no need to make a detailed and fluffy business plan, focus on those essential elements of the plan that will help you throughout your business development. More information and tips on writing a business plan can be found in the How to write a business plan section.

This may sound cliché, but my honest advice is to go for it when considering starting a new business venture, despite the fear it may not work out. One needs to adopt the mindset that the whole journey is a big experiment and that “failure” is not an option, because ultimately it is learning and growth that we will get. Focusing on the rewards instead of the fear is the real key to success. – Noor Hibbert, This Is Your Dream LTD Source: