Searching for a hotspot provider in Germany ? Here are some info on what to expect from your HotSpot provider and also some technical details.

Is hotspot Internet fast? In general, the hotspots we tested could not connect a tablet as fast as they could a laptop. But the MiFi produced a respectable 1.5-mbps connection for the Apple iPad. … The Cradlepoint also connected our iPad faster than any other hotspot did, at about 1.7 mbps on average.

What is difference between WiFi and hotspot? Simply put, the main difference between WiFi and MiFi is that MiFi is actually an internet device that has WiFi built in to it, while WiFi is a wireless networking standard. … You can call a MiFi a modem or even a router, as it has both components, but it really is a brand name mobile hotspot.

For our german visitors :

Offentlicher Internetzugang gehort heute zum guten Ton, wenn man jedoch die Internet-Vernetzung international betrachtet fallt auf, dass Deutschland durch die umstrittene Storerhaftung den Anschluss an andere Lander langst verloren hat. So besteht fur den Anbieter das mogliche Risiko bei missbrauchlicher Nutzung seines Anschlusses zur Verantwortung gezogen zu werden. Ein signifikanter Nachteil fur Sie und Ihre Gaste. Um Sie vor drohenden Abmahnungen und Strafen, die Sie nicht selbst verschuldet haben, zu schutzen, wurde die cleanWeb-Box entwickelt. Lesen Sie mehr uber Hot-Sppot.

We all love the internet: the world of endless possibilities. The clean WebBox brings the Internet to you and your guests. Open to everyone, safe to use and separate from your private / business networks. We set up your HotSpot expertly and safely. Have you already thought about outsourcing your entire IT while saving on hardware costs ? Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) does not tie up your capital and is scalable to any size of business. You work platform independent and mobile in our CLOUD . The maintenance, data backup and virus protection is already included.

Our specialization lies in the IT support of small and medium-sized businesses in the vicinity of: Biberach, Riedlingen, Ochsenhausen, Bad Waldsee, Ulm and Laupheim. We are a flexible, innovative IT system house and want to provide and operate reliable and secure data processing systems for our customers through holistic IT consulting. Personal and professional we are characterized by a high level of know-how and above-average commitment. We rely on partnership and mutual trust. We are price leaders in the region and look forward to growing with our customers and to be successful together.

IT operations: The own IT department for small companies, which has no own specialists on site, or would like to buy know-how. With our offer experienced IT administrators are at your disposal. The guarantee of a fast and secure data processing in the enterprise and the conversion of data protection and access rights stands in the foreground of this service.

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