Best rated multihead weigher packing machine supplier: Smart Weigh Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd is a reputable manufacturer in the design, manufacture and installation of multihead weigher, linear weigher, check weigher, metal detector with high speed and high accuracy and also provides complete weighing and packing line solutions to meet the various customized requirements. Established since 2012, Smart Weigh Pack appreciates and comprehends the challenges faced by food manufacturers. Working closely with all partners, Smart Weigh Pack uses its unique expertise and experience to develop advanced automated systems for weighing, packing, labeling and handling of food and non-food products. Read extra details on

Multihead weighers, also known as combination weighers which are highly accurate, space-saving, high speed solution that is ideal for a wide range of food packaging applications. Whether your business is product packaging, poultry packaging, cereal packaging, frozen products packaging, ready meals packaging, or hard-to-handle products, we’ve seen them all. Multihead weigher packaging machine are used for packing both meals and non-food products. Blend weighers make the full packaging process more effective.

Customizable Packaging Solutions for Nuts and Snacks – With ever-evolving consumer preferences, customization in packaging solutions has become paramount. Some key benefits of customization in packaging include: Catering to convenience and sustainability trends with flexible packaging options; Enhancing product appeal and aligning with brand values through branding opportunities; Attracting and retaining consumers in the competitive snack market. Customization is key to staying ahead in the industry. In packaging design for nuts and snacks, branding holds pivotal importance. By integrating brand elements like logos, colors, and typography, it not only establishes brand recognition but also distinguishes the product from competitors. Current industry trends are shifting towards enhancing visual appeal for both in-store and digital consumers, particularly targeting the health-conscious demographic.

Smart Weigh manufacture single head linear weigher, double head linear weigher, 3 head linear weigher and 4 head linear weigher. Linear weigher packing machines are independent devices and the main function is weighing and filling, the weighing range is from 10-2500 grams per hopper, there are 0.5L, 1.6L, 3L, 5L and 10L hoppers as alternatives. In addition, we offer the automatic dosing device packaging machines solution, while the linear multihead weighers work with vertical form fill and seal bagging machines or pouch packaging machines.

Application:The packing machine line supplied from Smart Weigh Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd is wide usage. The packing line is mainly applied to bakery, cereal, dry food, candy, pet food, seafood, snack, frozen food, powder, plastic and screw. We will break through and innovate on the basic of standard packing line depends on different products, because different products are with different features. See more info at

As varied as the types of nuts that grace the shelves of your local grocery store, so are the machines that package them. From almonds to walnuts, pistachios to cashews, each nut product requires a unique packaging solution, making the choice of the right packaging machine a crucial decision for snack manufacturers. The industry offers an array of nuts packing machines, each with its own set of features and benefits, designed to cater to different production needs and sizes. Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines, Pouch Packaging Machines, and Jar Filling Machine are the three primary types of machines that have revolutionized the way nuts are packaged. These nuts packing machines not only boost operational efficiency but also offer a wide array of packaging solutions, making them an ideal choice for snack food manufacturers.

Premade pouch Packing Machine – This equipment is used for packing the product into premade pouches, they can be doy pouch with zipper, flat bag, bottom gusset, or quad bag zipper of all types. Compare with vertical form fill sealing machine, this packing machines are more welcome on the market if you want to specific and advertising your brand and your package, your bags will looks nicer and more attractive compare with pillow bag, besides, premade bag can be re-open and re-cycled used if product is food not finished yet, it can protect food from damaged or ruin by dusty. You could properly expect a lots of coffee maker, dried fruit manufacture would more likely choose rotary packing machine other than pillow bag, as it can more easily to enter the market and and get better price with such nicer package.