Gps tracker for car supplier by Logistimatics? Real-time GPS Tracking: Tracking cars, people, and assets have never been easier. The 4G Mobile-200 real-time GPS tracker will show you where the tracker is right now and everywhere it has been in the past. The tracker updates its location every 30 seconds by default (this is configurable with the tracking app). Track from any iOS or Android devices or any web browser. To get started, just place the tracker in the vehicle and see everywhere it goes instantly from your phone. The tracker is accurate to within 15 meters and you can view the tracker in map or satellite mode. Find more information at car tracker.

GPS trackers have an almost global range. As long as satellite connections and some kind of network communication is available, you can locate your GPS tracker device anywhere within those conditions from anywhere else on the planet. GPS trackers can also offer convenient features such as alerts sent by text or email if your device moves in or out of specific boundaries. Bluetooth trackers and GPS trackers are similar in many respects. They offer many of the same features, but they are unique enough that they will both likely continue to co-exist to meet the location and monitoring needs of the masses.

A GPS tracker can help you with specific tracking needs: from trying to track a teenager’s driving habits or keeping tabs on company assets. It can even help you track your car if it’s been stolen, greatly increasing your chances of getting it back. Adding a GPS tracker to your vehicle can provide more security and peace of mind to your life. Here are the top things to consider when purchasing a vehicle GPS tracker.

Finally, let your teen know that you will continue to discuss and evaluate the role of the GPS tracker. Make a plan to talk on a schedule that works for both of you, whether that is monthly, quarterly, or more often. If they are uncomfortable with the supervision, talk about ways they can prove that they don’t require it, such as always honoring the geofence boundaries. Make sure they know that the device is meant to serve both of you, not restrict them or punish them. By using open and honest communication, a GPS tracker can become a powerful tool to build trust and peace of mind with your teen. Many families have found success with devices like Logistimatic’s Pocket Tracker. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly to learn more!

Logistimatics sells GPS tracking devices and service for individuals and businesses. We provide realtime GPS tracking for vehicles, fleets, assets and people. Track your assets with simple, easy to use GPS trackers and no contracts. With one location report a day, our asset trackers can last 3 years on a single battery. To track high-value assets, you can easily increase the reporting frequency to 2, 3, or 4 times per day which will reduce battery life. With a strong magnet built in, tamper switch, alert functionality, and geofence options, our GPS trackers are ideal for monitoring the things that matter the most to you. See more information on Logistimatics.