We produce a chemical free cleaning cloth that cleans any surface streak free, spot free, lint free with just water, washable and reusable for 3 years. This is the original streakfree cloth american made. Cleans mirrors, glass, windshields, stainless steel, granite top counters spot free lint free. The most fabulous cleaning cloth ever, clean almost everything with just water. Read more info at Chemical free cleaning cloth.

These cloths are great! I had gotten some from a boat show a few years ago and was on the search for more. Of course, I should have known that Amazon carries them! These are easy to use and last forever. I cut two smaller pieces from the larger sheet, wet one of them and wipe the window down. Then I wipe with the 2nd dry piece. Sometimes it will still appear a little wet at that point, but just let it dry and it will be crystal clear in just minutes. Such an easy way to wash glass, mirrors, appliances, etc. I wouldn’t use anything else!

These are great finishing cloths which leave a streak free finish after using a glass cleaner to take away the smudges. I purchased a number of picture frames which came with smudged glass on both sides. This product works wonders – my wife calls them “miracle cloths.” These are the best things since chocolate. they clean the windows so good. I had some that I got 5 years ago and they were getting so old and I’m so glad that I found them again. I have told so many people about them. It makes cleaning windows so much easier.

The set comes with two different cloths. Just wet and wring out the window cloth (the lighter blue cloth with a waffle weave texture), then wipe it on the surface you wish to clean. The cloth is made of microfiber technology which, when combined with water, breaks up and removes grease, grime and bacteria. Next, grab the dry glass and polishing cloth (the darker blue one) and smooth it over the surface to give it a good polish. This one really makes your windows sparkle, removing light grease and finger marks.

Streak Free Microfiber Cloths holds 7 times its weight in dirt, grime and liquid. Each fiber is 200 times finer than a human hair! (this is the secret of micro fiber’s incredible cleaning ability). Open spaces between fibers hold dust, dirt, and oil until washed away with mild soap or detergent. Spaces also allow large amounts of moisture to be collected into the cloths making them very absorbent. These same spaces allow for quicker drying time eliminating much of the bacterial growth found in slow drying cloths. Source: https://streakfreexl.com/.