The smell of hot tea on a cold day, is there anything even slightly better ? There are many of coffee types, some are bad, some are good but some manually selected tea leaves and coffee beans are just amazing. Why buy ethically sourced coffee? If you care about where your food comes from, you should consider buying ethically sourced coffee. Maybe you already buy certified organic produce because you are concerned about the effects of pesticides. It’s pretty easy to tell how locally produced organic foods, like apples, contribute to the local community and to the planet. You can buy your produce directly from the farmer and sometimes even see their growing and harvesting methods first hand. For imported goods like coffee or chocolate, however, that kind of transparency is not usually possible. This means it is harder to be sure that your coffee beans are both sustainably grown and ethically sourced.

Our tea pick today : White Tea: Like green tea, white tea is not oxidized. But white teas are generally considered to have a lighter, more mellow flavor than green or black tea. Expect a yellow-ish, dim color. Reported Benefits: Drinking white tea could aid in cardiovascular health, and its antioxidants have a range of purported benefits, from better skin to cell production. Rooibos Tea: Rooibos is made from a South African plant and accordingly is especially popular in southern African countries. It’s somewhat similar to hibiscus, but adds earthy tones to its tartness. Read more info on Unique loose-leaf tea UK.

Eco friendly coffee hint of the day : Single serve cups and pods are possibly the most detrimental form of coffee on the environment. The convenience of K-Cups and Nespresso pods has dirty consequences. In 2015, Green Mountain Coffee Co (Keurig) produced 10 billion (10,000,000,000) K-Cups. If you set them next to each other in a straight line, they would wrap around the globe. 10.5 times. In a single year, we wrapped the entire world with K-Cup waste 10.5 times. That doesn’t even include Nespresso and other pod manufacturers. Single serve pods are an environmental nightmare. Not only that, but they are relatively expensive, brew sub-par coffee, and pull you away from experiencing coffee to its fullest. Please, avoid disposable coffee pods at all cost.

We as a family have not only been lovers of good tea and coffee for generations, but have also worked in the trade. The founder of this company has himself worked in various capacities selling Italian coffee and Chinese tea, among many other blends and origins over the years, learning in depth about and sampling a huge variety of brews. Source:

You may have noticed that our mascot is a lemur, this is simply due to a love the Lynch family has always shared for the animal! A percentage of every single sale we make gets donated to Lemur Love, a NPO which focuses on lemur conservation. Help us conserve today and enjoy our delicious tea and coffee at the same time!