Software test management eBook? Treat testing like a team effort. “Testing is a team effort. You’ll find keeping everyone in the loop from the beginning will save an enormous amount of time down the line. “When you expose testers to a greater amount of the project, they will feel much more comfortable and confident in what their goals should be. A tester is only as efficient as their team. “Your goal is to make sure everyone involved in the project has a solid understanding of the application. When everyone understands what the application entails, testers can effectively cover the test cases.

Getting your test environments sorted is a critical task, however this is often much easier said than done. Environmental issues are often the single most time consuming (aka time wasting) aspect of a test phase in any organisation. Key to getting the environments set up is the “who”. Who owns the environments? Who can create them for me? Who can fix them for me? Get the “who” sorted out – preferably they will be an expert in the environment – and everything else might just fall into place a bit better. Now… if only I could take my own advice and implement all of these 10 top tips my own projects will run smoothly! As I mention a few times in this article, things are easier said than done…

Created by industry experts, it will take you from the software testing basics right through to defect management, testing techniques and metrics. You will learn vital skills for accelerating your career in software test management, including test team dynamics, success factors, and executing test management strategies from start to finish. After passing the ISTQB Foundation Certification, this eBook was great source to better understand what to expect from the Test Managers working on my Software Projects. See more details at Test Planning.

Find your good enough threshold. Everyone wants perfect software, but budget constraints, business priorities, and resource capacity often make ‘perfect’ an impossible goal. But if perfection isn’t your goal, what is? Recognize that the goal of testing is to mitigate risk, not necessarily eliminate it. Your applications don’t need to be perfect — but they do need to support your business processes in time to leverage new opportunities without exposing companies to unnecessary or untenable risk. Therefore, your definition of quality may vary by application. As you initiate a project, get the right roles involved to ask the right questions: What constitutes perfect versus good enough versus unacceptable?

Quarantine software testing trick of the day : One of the biggest challenges when developing or testing software is what to do when you hit a roadblock and cannot seem to get past it. When we are all located together, one of my strategies of “hands-on management” (a term pioneered by Bill Marriott Jr.) is to walk around and ask how people are doing. Often I will find that a person has been stuck on something for a while. Often a fresh pair of eyes will assist and one of us can see the solution. Alternatively I will tell that person to work on something else and come back to it. Usually the next day when they come back, they see the answer right away. That kind of intervention is harder when everyone is remote. Another related issue can be when that same person is dependent on something from another person and they are not both working the same hours remotely. This can happen if one person has to deal with family situations and is working earlier/later hours than they would have worked in the office. Explore more info on