Daniel Roberts, Newcastle or the climb of a property developer innovator? Talking of his education, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Quantity Surveying as well as Post Graduate Certificate in Construction Law. Daniel has membership from RICS “MRICS,” and is a registered APC councillor from a reputed institution, from which, he holds a membership too. After earning his education, he took his first step towards his career by joining efforts with Rex Procter and Partners, a quantity surveying company based in Yorkshire. While working in this company, he earned the valuable experience that helped him in polishing his skills.

Here at Quantus Solutions we offer innovation with a difference. We support individual expression, we understand that conscientiousness is key to success and support individual stakeholders to bring forward their creative side, make a development fun, stress free and as unique as you are. This creates a deeper more personal connection to a development, bridges the gap between essential matters like programme, cost risk, opportunity and promotes individuals to make a mark on a development that they previously were not aware was possible. Building is fun and pleasurable. This is the Quantus Solution. Find more information on Daniel Roberts from Newcastle, UK. Daniel Roberts is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor (2011) and holds a Bachelors Degree (BSc Hons) in Quantity Surveying. Daniel has studied post graduate studies in construction law and holds qualifications in advanced building, site management and supervision. Daniel Roberts is owner of Quantus Solutions an RICS regulated firm offering boutique quantity surveying services focused on sustainable building and engineering solutions. Daniel has worked on most projects ranging from hospitals to cafes, office buildings to multi unit residential developments. Daniel has a passion for sustainable building techniques and offers a unique prospective on value engineering and embodied energy within a building.

Just like any professional, lawyer, doctor or medical practitioner, working within sound pre defined frameworks of competency, these are laid out to help individuals focus their priorities and training through continual monitoring over many years and practicing their newly developed skills in the real world, on live projects. Becoming Chartered does not provide automatic entitlement to employment, contracts or opportunities. Nor is it a golden ticket for financial, individual freedom or a passport to happiness. It is the recognition of a minimum and essential standard to demonstrate that the individual has obtained a minimum grade and standard for ethics, training and experience. Becoming a Chartered Surveyor is the highest standard for professionals within the construction industry and if you apply yourself, focus, take the time and have the opportunity to gain the right experience, anyone can meet the minimum standard for the highest qualification. Chartered Surveyors are not better than anyone, they have just obtained more experience and receive the recognition for same. If you follow the path, you shall obtain the same results/recognition.

Daniel holds a Bachelors (BSc Hons) in Quantity Surveying and Post Graduate Certificate in Construction Law. Daniel has been a full member of the RICS “MRICS” since 2011 and is an active member of the institution , he is passionate about supporting young professionals identify the long term, life transformative and essential framework laid out since 1868 which allows its members to support the built environment, especially in times of adversity.